The pop-punk project Garbage Deluxe was formed in December 2022. After working on several other
projects, multi-instrumentalist/composer Holger J S Schmidt wanted to get back to making more guitarheavy
rock music that is melodic and gets to the heart of his song ideas in no-frills arrangements. It was
quickly clear who should take the position at the microphone in the professional project, because Holger
had already realized several successful productions with the busy studio singer Rebekka Gaber.
The songwriting for the ten songs took place during the Christmas vacation 2022 and went so easily from
the hand that already at the beginning of January all songs had taken concrete shape.
After the detailed work on the arrangements and the recording of the instruments, Holger was able to
hand over the songs to Pascal Lorenz from the German Norsemen Studio in May 2023.
On June 30, 2023, the debut single “Do It” was released. In July, the song “Until Dawn” follows and after
“What is Wrong?” is added in August, one can already look forward to the complete ten-song album in